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Product Features

  • Powerful rotary motor for heavy-duty use, Includes #1 CeramicEdge blades
  • The clipper is 20% lighter and 10% smaller with its heavy duty high speed motor
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • CeramicEdge blades stay cooler, Extremely quiet operation
  • Detachable blades for ease of changing, cleaning and styling versatility
  • Converts to a cordless clipper using BGR+ battery pack and SensaCharge (sold separately)
  • Works with all Andis® UltraEdge™ and CeramicEdge™ blades (sold separately)


Andis BGRC Detachable Blade Clipper 63965

Review by James Ellsworth (4/5 Stars ****)

As a child I hated home haircuts--the loud buzzing of the clippers, the occasional pull or pinch...and if I was second or third in line, the blades could be a bit warm. Just like today's families, my parents needed to save money. What has changed is that much better equipment is available to the home barber and, with a good comb set, "mom" doesn't have to be skillful at blending hair lengths.

As an adult, even one with no particular need to economize, I enjoy cutting hair and the comb sets enable me to cut my own hair with confidence using a mirror. This Andis Ceramic clipper is "just like the pros" use and is the best clipper I have yet found. Cuts, even on my fine hair, are precise and leave the kind of finish I have always associated with a good barber's work. The motor is barbershop quiet--more of a hum than a clatter. The amount of noise can be magnified by using attachable combs or one can spend more money and get a "plug-in" set of blades that leave hair longer but run quieter.

I like a clipper with a cord: the rechargeable ones are always discharged when the home hair-cutter is ready to use them so I end up having the rechargeable unit plugged in anyway when I am barbering. With a cord, one has the sense of having full power available all the time and I believe that results in a more consistent cut.

One other thing I like is that haircuts are quick and "in between" trims are no problem. If appearance is important, a guy can present a consistent look week-in and week-out. The set can travel well for those who have sales jobs on the road.

My son's wife cuts their family's hair and we have also seen the units they have selected to use. None of theirs beats this Andis unit and this Andis model is better than the ones Andis offers for less money. It is more consistent in cutting and is quieter and gives the sense of being much better built. My "cheaper" Andis rechargeable refuses to hold a charge very well and that motivated me to move up to this model.


Andis BGRC Detachable Blade Clipper 63965

Review by M. Tammaro (5/5 Stars *****)

Trimmers were purchased after many store-bought trimmers failed and became dull in a short period of time.
These are by far the best set i have ever owned.
Very high quality and extremely durable. Blades cut very well and can be replaced if they should wear out.
Also have the option to upgrade to cordless.


Andis BGRC Detachable Blade Clipper 63965

Review by Topher (5/5 Stars *****) 

PERFECT and so very very quiet!

These clippers are so close to perfect, that I had to give them 5 stars.

1. Upgradable to cordless
2. Comes with 00 & 01 ceramic edge blades
3. My Oster blades fit!
4. QUIET...night and day from Oster
5. Did I mention how QUIET these are?? Serious...
6. Don't get HOT - just keep your blades oiled.
7. Cuts THICK hair like 'BUDDA'
8. I like them so much, that I don't use anything else anymore.
9. LIGHT! It's finally not a workout to use Commercial clippers for a long period.

1. Only 1 speed
2. No side adjustment for Taper fades (I don't use this anyway)


Why was I so foolish to wait this long to buy these? I have a sweet pair of Commercial Oster Clippers that I tried to use on my dogs - they are so LOUD that one of my dogs is SUPER afraid now. After buying these Andis (for human use) I noticed how quiet they were. I had to try them on my skid-dish dog. He's still scared, but he let me trim places he's never let me before.

In short, for whatever reason, get these clippers....they are worth every cent - I'm getting the compatible 'cordless' version to use just on Humans - this one is going to be for my pups!


Andis BGRC Detachable Blade Clipper 63965

Review by H. Word (5/5 Stars *****)

I'm a black guy, who loves to style a bald head. My wife say's it's sexy and as for me, it's easy to manage. Problem is, I like to save $40 a month, and do my own shaving. Thus, I've been thru probably ten clippers in the past 7 years. You know, the Walmart and Target brands, that sell for $20. Then they pack the box with the 15 different plastic guards, grease, and combs that you'll never use. What a waste.

Anyway, I bumped into a local barber, and he invited me to his shop, to test-drive a few set of clippers. I tried the Andis BGRC, and fell in love! When you handle the BGRC; you actually conclude three things:

1. they're not a pair of $20 Conair clippers.
2. they're professional grade!
3. this may very well be the last pair of clippers I have to buy!

Now, on to the shaving. What a thrill. When I first turned them on, I got a soft but strong hum, and they don't vibrate the hell out you, like the cheap brands. The BGRC's are smooth! Not noisy or annoying. Anyway, he continued to show me how the Andis interchangeable blade system works, and proceeded to hand me a #000 to try. What a thrill! I instantly fell in love with this trimmer. Lately, I've switched to the #00000 blade, but that's another review. Anyway, here's my take on the Andis BGRC Clipper:

1. quality made - professional grade clippers (just ask your barber about Andis)
2. interchangeable blades (no more plastic guards) I also use to trim mustache.
3. cuts thru hair like a mad man with a straight razor!
4. zero maintenance! just oil the blades. (buy the Andis 7 and 1)
5. the 8' cord is thick and durable. plus the cord length is a plus!
6. the BGRC's can be converted to a cordless system. (check adapter pack)
7. quiet and smooth operation. (not noisy like my old clippers)

1. None so far. I would mention the cost, but these clippers are worth it.

Do your own research or check with your local barber about the Andis BGRC. Also, I researched that the Oster 76 are of similar or better quailty. I chose the Andis because they're maintenance free and upgradeable to cordless. One thing though; if you already own the Oster 76 or the Andis Turbo 111, their blades will also fit the Andis BGRC. Remember, the BGRC's are professional clippers, so the scaled down consumer version may work just as good for you. However, I highly recommend the Andis BGRC clippers to those who don't mind doing their own thing...........and really want to do it right!

Andis-Detachable-Blade-Clipper-63965 available at Amazon

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