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The most popular hairdressing service is hair cutting. A trained hairdresser can achieve the desired style by skilfully removing length and thickness. A good haircut frames the face and can completely change a person’s look.

Face shape

1.)Taking into account our dominant facial features when choosing a hairstyle is one of the most crucial aspects that can influence our level of satisfaction when it comes to any type of hairstyle.

2.) The face shape should be analysed to select the very best type of style to frame the face. 

Oval face shapes - the oval face shape is considered to be a face shape that can wear any type of style or hair. 

Round face shapes - choose a hair style that lengthens the look of your face. Have the top layered for fullness and height, and thinned out below the cheekbones to give the illusion of a narrower chin line.

Heart face shapes - The key here is to get a style with more fullness lower on the face, around the chin, and less fullness at the forehead.

Square face shapes - Wispy bangs and temples soften the square shaped face. Wavy hair adds to the softening effect; straight lines, straight bangs and straight or flat hair are to be avoided.

Oblong face shapes - Reducing the overall length is one of the top goals when choosing a hairstyle for this face shape. Bangs are a great choice due to the fact that they don't add extra length. A side swept bangs is a good choice for this face shape as it will create the illusion of a shorter forehead. 


3.) Know what the client wants. If she wants a trim and you chop and style, it doesn’t matter how good it looks, it’s not what she wanted and she most likely will not be pleased. First show her how it could look and first get her permission before you go off on a styling spree. You can advise and give recommendation, but if you have not sold the idea to the client, it is best to give her what she wants if you want a return visit. 

You can give your client a style she loves, by performing a consultation. Consider her face shape, her height, body shape, age, skin colour, lifestyle, personality, occupation, occasion and time available. Access problem areas, such as damaged, split hair. Listen to the client and give her honest and factual advice. Discuss care and maintenance of the hairstyle.


4.) Gowning up is essential to avoid irritating hair falling into collars and clothing.

5.) Sectioning. Section parting is one of the most important techniques that are used through the process of hair cutting. Through this process, the hair is designated into seven different sections of which are used to create an even and balanced haircut as they are blended together through the entire process. Sectioning the hair allows more control over the style that is being created.

6.) Angle indicates the position of the scissors when cutting: vertical, horizontal, or 45 degrees.

7.) Elevation refers to which direction the hair is pointing, no matter where on the head it originates. When the ends point to the floor, the hair is said to be at zero degrees of elevation. When the hair is pointing to the side (with the shafts parallel to the floor), it is at 90 degrees--this is how hair is held when cutting layers. When hair is held so that the ends point to the ceiling, it is at 180 degrees. 


8.) Hair is texturized to thin out and remove excess bulk. This creates movement in a hair design. Texturizing scissors is often used to alternate shorter and longer lengths of hair. Regular scissors and razors can also be used to achieve texturizing.

9.) Talcum powder and a neck brush is useful for hard to remove hair.

Advantages of Cutting Dry Hair

10.) You can see the actual length as the hair is not as elastic as wet hair.

11.) It is easy to remove split ends as you can clearly see the split ends when hair is dry.

12.) It is easier to use electric clippers on dry hair.

13.) When time is limited, a dry cut eliminates the time of washing and drying.

14.) If you want to achieve a limited amount of thinning, you will remove less hair when it is dry.

Advantages of Cutting Wet Hair

15.) Wet hair is easier to comb and less likely to tangle.

16.) You can see the natural fall of hair when it is wet.

17.) Cutting guidelines are easier to follow with wet hair and therefore allows for precision cutting.

18.) A wider variety of cutting techniques can be performed on wet hair, such as razor cutting and slide cutting.

19.) Wet hair is much easier to cut than dry hair. Start with freshly shampooed, tangle-free hair. Keep a bottle of water with a spray nozzle nearby so that you can dampen your hair if it begins to dry while you are working on it.

Hair texture

Fine Hair

20.) Fine hair whether there is lots of fine hair or sparse and fine, as a general rule, when the hair is shorter and almost all a single length, it'll look its fullest.

21.) Take care with cutting fine hair as “steps” can easily appear.

22.) A few carefully cut layers will add fullness and dimension. However, too many layers and the cut will collapse, which can make fine hair look thin and lifeless.

Course Hair

23.) Thick, course should not be cut with a razor or thinning shears; these only take the bulk out temporarily.  As soon as the hair starts to grow again, it loses shape and becomes unruly.

24.) Texturizing is a method of removing the bulk in a hairstyle. It creates shorter hairs throughout the hair cut. This creates space in between the strands giving the style an airy look.

Wavy Hair

25.) It is important that wavy hair be trimmed every 8-10 weeks, otherwise the "triangle head" emerges, which is when the hair grows out and becomes poufy on the bottom but totally flat on top. Trimming the ends and the layers regularly will help wavy hair keep its shape.

26.) People with wavy and curly hair will find that the shorter their hair is cut, the curlier it appears.

Straight Hair

27.) Natural growth patterns and root movement are important when cutting. Cutting with the natural fall of hair makes for an easier to manage style.


28.) A bangs a shaped cutting of the front part of the hair so that it is combed forward and hangs or curls over the forehead. Bangs are also known as piecey layers sliced into the hair around the face. Bangs can enhance a face shape and when in harmony with your hair's type, texture and condition, can work well.

Side swept bangs might give the impression of fuller strands whereas feathered or wispy bangs might negatively highlight thinning strands. 


29.) Precision cutting and styling requires sharp scissors. Sharp and effective scissors is the only way to guarantee that the cuts will be straight, and easily blend within the hair. Sharp, professional scissors should be used and sharpened on a regular basis. This will enable the best results when cutting hair.

Finishing Touches

30.) Cross sectioning can be used to test the length of the hair by comparing the length in the front and the back of the hair. Finishing includes ensuring that all portions of the hair are cut evenly and can be blended together to create a haircut that ensures there are no jagged edges through the cut.

Belinda Meyer publishes information for the salon and spa industry. She offers information relating to health, beauty therapy, spa treatments, skin care, hair and more. 

© Belinda Meyer www.salonprofit.net


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