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Adapting and Developing Current Concepts

Be aware, curious and creative. Creativity is really a way of getting rid of old thinking, and old ideas. Creativity is a valuable skill in your beauty business. Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean originality. Even the greatest artists learned from their masters and adapted their work from various styles and techniques to create their own original work. 

As a beauty therapist you can adapt your various skills and talents to your particular beauty and wellness niche. The English language has only 26 letters; however there are thousands of different fonts. Bodywork, beauty therapy, health techniques and the wellness industry have thousands of variations and different nuances. New techniques are constantly developed as skills from a variety of modalities are integrated into advanced solutions. With imagination new options are explored. For example the ancient art of massage has been adapted and varied in alternative therapies from massage with essential oils. (Aromatherapy) to deep Rolfing (deep tissue) or Bowen therapy to therapists who use wooden toggles, rollers and hot stones to massage therapies with ultra sonic machines. 

Invent a new game and make your own rules. As a salon owner strive to create a new category and narrow down your focus to enhance the value of your offer. When clients can believe in your technique and results, then you are a leader. When you create a service that is appealing and valuable you will have loyal followers. You are responsible for your future. What do you want your dream salon to look like? Take responsibility by having a plan, setting goals and taking action. Be willing to pay the price. Behind every achievement is the discipline to train and practice, the discipline to invest time and money to reach a successful outcome. Implement the ideas and activities, which will give you the highest return. 

Focused thinking can turn a good idea into a great idea. W.Clement Stone says, “Keep your mind off the things you don’t want by, keeping it on the things you do want.” 

Copy the best ideas from around the world and bring them together to form your new and improved business. Ideas are reused, recycled and invigorated because people like new ideas. Think about it, when you were growing up, your parents had furniture, a television and a phone, however you think of yours as new. A modified version is considered new. Innovation is about making the old new. It doesn’t need to be revolutionary and truly new, just different. The ideas you incorporate do not need to originate from the beauty industry. Take note of how other businesses, other industries sell, market and grow and maintain their clients or customers. How are they obtaining results? Can you apply these strategies to your business? You may be able to use a variation to create a brand new experience in your salon. When you notice a concept which is compelling or interesting, ask yourself whether you could adapt it to your salon. Have a box, notebook, folder, drawer or computer desktop folder where you collect ideas. 

Change can seem huge, but you do not need to improve everything overnight. Decide what needs improvement. From improving client service to treatments, systems, procedure, sales skills, new uniforms, equipment, promotions, new skills/training etc. Consider which will have the biggest impact immediately. Consider time and cost and prioritize your list and set timelines to achieve your goals. 

Our ability to create new value is only limited by our imagination. A critical step to success is to recognize that you are not in the business to provide services, but to create value. For example clients don’t buy skin care products they buy the hope of a more youthful skin. Develop integrated value. Integrate products and treatments for better results. It adds to your competitive value when you initiate new concepts and methods. 

A $10 watch and a $10 000 watch both tell the time. Integrated value is designed when a watch becomes more than a commodity to tell time. It is designed to be more than a time telling piece, it become a show piece of status and quality, a sophisticated piece of jewelry. 

Have a focus and passion for your clients. How can you enhance their health and beauty? Help your clients make the best of what they’ve got. Help them overcome the stress of everyday life. Success depends largely on the personal and professional one-on-one interaction with your clients. Salons are often categorized as wellness sanctuaries as the focus moves toward wellness and improving client’s quality of life. A major component of the salon is how the client feels. 

The factors, which are keeping you from taking action and reaching your optimum performance, are the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. What you dream up can be your key to great wealth. Keep your mind open as you go through each day. What did you notice in the department store, on TV, in a book, something someone said, what would reduce costs, save money or increase sales if some simple procedure were added or something changed? 

“Good thinkers come up with better answers. They provide better alternatives. Being creative is about asking the right questions.” John C. Maxwell author of Thinking for a change.

The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into our mind, but how to get the old ones out. Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it." ~Dee Hock~

Work your concept including your marketing concept, process and procedures so that everything flows. Prepare Sales Scripts and a business model to enhance your business concepts.

© Belinda Meyer publishes information for the Salon and Spa industry. She offers helpful information relating to health, beauty therapy, spa treatments, skin care, hair and more. Want to know more? Visit www.salonprofit.net


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